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Google Ads Course in Ahmedabad

Course Objective

  • The Advanced Google Ads course is design to develop understanding about Google Ads from the stretch to the Advanced Level
  • Our trained students will be able to research, design, execute, launch & optimize Google Ads campaigns on a proficiency level
  • Generate a plan to increase leads, sales or web traffic using Google Ads tool.
  • Strategic utilization of Google Ads tools coherent with Business Goals and marketing budget
  • To equip the learner with Google Ads skill to gain career advatages like job, freelancing, own website promotion, and many more

Course Brief

learn & Start achieving your goals in

Career | Freelancing | Business

Kick Start Your Career with Google Ads

Our Google Ads Mastery Course Open up Multiple Career Opportunities​

Learn Google Ads, Grow your skills, and Be Google Ads Expert using Google Ads to Advertise Any Businesses Online. 

Beginner to Advance Google Ads Mastery Course with Tasks And Practical Implementation 

Career Options After Completing SEO Google Ads Course

One can start a career as an Executive, and grow to a managerial position in Jobs
PPC Trainee
Ads & Landig Page Copywriter
SEM Google Ads Analyst
Google Ads Course
PPC Executive
Seo course in Ahmedabad
Google Ads Trainer
Google Ads Manager
Gooole Ads Converssion course
PPC Manager
Learn Google Display Ad
Display & Video Ads Specialist
Keyword research for SEO
Campaign Planner
Ads Account Manager
Ad Optimizer
Google Ads / SEM Consultant

Who Can Learn Google Ads?

The course is for everyone with different purposes to learn it.
Digital Marketing Couse for Students
Students & Job Seekers

Students can opt for this course to get their first job, and Job seekers can have better career options & grow in the all time high potential industry of digital marketing.

Digital Marketing course for working professional
Working Professionals

Switching to the digital domain or implementing digital skills in your current profession​ to improve performance and get a salary hike. Here, Growth is the purpose.

Digital Marketing Course for Entreprenuers
Entrepreneur / Business owner

Digitalizing current business or acquiring digital marketing skills to oversee the digital marketing strategies are implemented at their best in your existing business

digital marketing course for housewife
Homeprenuers / Homemakers

Digital Marketing skills empower women entrepreneurs to fulfil the dream of having their own business and expand it globally in the comfort of their homes.

Digital Marketing course for freelancer
Freelance Professionals

If you have certain skills, and you want to monetize them, digital marketing skills will help you in acquiring new customers and retaining them for a longer period of time

Digital Marketing course for sales professional
Sales & Marketing Professionals

How to automate sales & marketing digitally? The professionals can learn digital skills to empower themselves for technology-driven sales & marketing.

Google Ads Course Modules

8 Powerful Modules to Make You Impactfull in Google Ads

Landing Page Optimization

Landing Page Creation & Copywritting

Google Ads Course

Get Started with Google Ads

Learn PPC

SEM / Search Ads / Text Ad / PPC

Learn Google Display Ad

Display Ads​

Video Ads -Course

Video Ads​

Google Remarketing

Remarketing with Google Ads​

Gooole Ads Converssion course

Conversion Tracking with Google Ads

Google Shopping Ads

Shopping Ads / Google Merchant Centre

Google Ads Course Curriculum

Learn Better by Creating Your Own Website & Executing All Google Ads Techniques on The Website

  • Understanding about Landing Page
  • Importance of Landing Page
  • Componets of Landing Page
  • How to Create Landing Pages with WordPress?
  • Introduction of Google Ads
  • Google Ads types & Benefits
  • Google Ads Terminology
  • Google Ads account Dashboard & Reports Analysis
  • Introduction & Definition
  • Google Ad Auction
  • Science of Quality Score
  • Google Ad Structure
  • How to set up Google Ads Account?
  • Live Walkthrough of Google Ad Account
  • Types of Ad extensions for different purposes
  • Keyword Research for Google Search Campaign
  • How to Divide & Create Ad Groups?
  • Understand Best Use of Keywords Planner Tool
  • Impact of Positive & Negative Keywords Match types
  • Search Ad Copy writing & Set up
  • Keyword Insertion | Keyword Simulation
  • Set up & Launch of Your First Search Ad Campaign
  • Objectives & Most Relevant Audience Creation
  • Display Ads Setup Walkthrough
  • Display Ads Targeting
  • Set up & Launch of Your First Display Ad Campaign
  • Youtube Success Case Studies
  • Types of Youtube Video Ads
  • YT ad targeting right Audience, Content, Placement
  • Walkthrough Different Types of Video Ad campaigns
  • Set up & Launch of Your First Video Ad Campaign
  • Realising Power of Remarketing with Google Ads
  • Remarking List Building, And Audience Creations
  • Launching a Google Remarketing Campaign
  • Definition & Objectives of ConversionTracking
  • How to setup different types of Conversion Tracking?
  • Types of Attribution Models
  • Definition & Objectives of Google Merchant Centre
  • How to setup Google Merchant Centre?
  • Products Listing in Google Merchant Centre
  • Launching Shopping Campaign

The Course is followed by a bonus Session on Interview Preparation & Job Placement

Hands On Tools for Google Ads Course

Learners are going to exprience the most trending tools during their training​

Students Placed for Google PPC Job in Ahmedabad

SEO is the high in demand skill of digital marketing, We train students & place them in the companies. 

I guess it’s worth to be a part of Upmark who are more helping & supporting. Positive attitude and actions. Trainer is very helpful and knowledgeable even after the completion of batch they still help you.. wonderful experience i must say... Thank you Upmark

Khushi Thawani PPC Executive at Webindia Inc

I really like the way of teaching and the amicable attitude of the trainer. In case of any query, the approach towards teacher concerned is not a difficult task. Turning point is a stepping stone towards success and joining this institute UPMARK was the one of my best decision.

Dipti Chawla Search Ads Exe at EsparkInfo

My all over experience is very good. The knowledge given by the trainer is very helpful to me. Shown every topic practically which help in visualizing the topic. I learned lot of new things not only for digital marketing but also other other aspects of career from the Trainer.

Kushal Prajapati PPC Executive at Poised Media


Most Frequently Asked Questions & Answers about Career After Google Ads Course

PPC stands for “Pay Per Click”. It’s a model for Advertising products or services online, where the advertiser pays to publishers on every click. The Publishers are search engines or social media platforms like Google, Facebook or many such platforms where online advertisements are possible.

Well, Different profiles different reasons to learn Google Ads. If you are a student or job seeker you can learn to start your Career. Business owner can learn the skill for marketing & branding of their products & services, And working professionals can upskill their self for growth.

Yes, you can learn & Be a master in Google Ads. You begin learning with having basic computer knowledge, good English (Not fluency), and a willingness to learn SEO.

We have many students from various streams of education, graduate, and undergraduate, They have learned Google Ads and got good job placement.

The syllabus is consisting of 8 insightful modules with practical tasks to perform by the students.

The duration of the course is 1 month, covered in 20 hours.

As a fresher, you get starting salary of 1.8L to 2.4L per annum.  Within 2 years of experience, you get an annual hike of 20% to 30% in your previous salary. In many cases, we have seen a drastic hike up to 10L to 15L per year.

Yes, practical in digital marketing are a very essential part of learning. We have designed live practical task for every modules to implement leanings on the live websites.

Currently our Google Ads Mastery course is offered for Rs. 12000/-, you can pay the fee in easy installments.

Yes, we assist our students to get internship or Job after completing our course through our connections in digital marketing agencies, IT companies.

Students of the course will have to appear for the exam and on the passing of the exam, they will be awarded a certificate from Upmark.

The students can opt for External exams by Google on Google Ads and be eligible to get certificates from Google.

  • Google Ads Search Certification
  • Google Ads Display Certification
  • Google Ads Video Certification
  • Shopping ads Certification
  • Google Ads Apps Certification
  • Google Ads Measurement Certification

Upmark’s Google Ads Mastery course is meant to give more practical exposure. Our entire training process emphasizes on live tasks and practical assignments. Periodical evaluation of the task done by our students, which makes concepts of Google Ads fundamentally strong in them.

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